San Juan Coast Guard Crew Rescues Fishermen After Rough Seas Capsize Boat

United States Coast Guard (USCG) surface and air units rescued two men from the water after a swell capsized their fishing boat on Wednesday, January 4, near San Juan, Puerto Rico, according to the USCG Sector San Juan.

Video posted by the USCG shows the crews using “heaving lines to pull them from the rough sea conditions” and onto the vessel. “The boaters were equipped and holding on to multiple lifejackets and a life ring when rescued,” USCG said.

An officer on the scene said that they “can’t stress enough the importance of carrying proper live-saving equipment onboard; today, it saved their life.”

The survivors were met by family at the Coast Guard Base San Juan, the USCG reported. Credit: U.S. Coast Guard via Storyful

Video transcript