Grandma Restaurateur Fights Back After Customer Hurls Hand Sanitizer Jug at Child

A nearly 60-year-old San Francisco restaurateur defended her family members after an irate customer got physical when her order took longer than expected on November 27.

Doris Campos, the owner of Panchitas #2, provided Storyful with this CCTV footage, showing the customer becoming visibly agitated with the restaurant’s manager, Campos’s daughter Doris Vargas.

The customer is seen pointing and leaning on the table separating her from Vargas. Campos appears with her hands up, putting herself between the customer and her daughter.

The customer grows more irritated and can be seen grabbing and throwing a bottle of hand sanitizer at Vargas, who was holding her son, Campos’s grandson.

Campos grabs a bag of food and throws it at the customer, then flips the table and uses it to drive her toward the door. Another customer walks in and drags the angry customer out.

“I’m thinking, if it hit my grandson, I mean, I do whatever I have to do. That’s all. I wasn’t thinking at that moment," Campos told KNTV.

Doris Vargas told KABC-TV she is “speaking out, in hopes of identifying the woman and holding her accountable.” Credit: Panchita’s #2 via Storyful