San Antonio Man Charged After Altercation With Judge Over Refusal to Wear Mask

A man who refused to wear a face mask was accused of assaulting the Bexar County judge who handed down the order mandating face coverings inside places of business during an altercation at a hardware store in San Antonio on June 23, reports said.

The man, identified as Terry Toller, was initially charged with a second degree felony assault on a peace officer but the charge was later reduced to misdemeanor disorderly conduct, local reports said.

Reports said Judge Nelson Wolff – who handed down the face mask order on Monday – said he was shopping at the store, heard Toller confront a cashier, and attempted to hand Toller his business card, but Toller swatted it out of Wolff’s hand.

In an interview with KENS5, Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar said Wolff called him during the encounter and he could hear Toller “berating” Wolff and calling him by name. “He knew exactly who he was.”

A warrant was issued for Toller’s arrest and he turned himself in to authorities on Thursday. Credit: Bexar County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful