Samurai instructor trains students via Zoom

This samurai instructor uses Zoom to train his students

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Koshiro Minamoto is known for his invention of Bugaku, or 'warrior dance'

The performance art combines samurai sword play

with the song and dance of classical Japanese drama

(SOUNDBITE) (Japanese) MARTIAL ARTS PERFORMER AND FOUNDER OF BUGAKU, KOSHIRO MINAMOTO, SAYING:"I perform Bugaku here because I want to tell people that the samurai were not always fighting or practicing martial arts. They were also educated people who enjoyed culture such as Noh theater and tea ceremony. I would like everyone to experience such an aesthetic sense of the samurai, and that's why I teach people Bugaku here."

Minamoto charges 2,000 yen ($18.07) per student for the online classes

Most of his students are from Europe and the United States

"If I were teaching in-person classes, I can directly correct the body posture of students or teach them more poses and techniques, but I think it's hard to do so through an online class. Through a flat screen, it's hard for the students to see or understand what I'm doing, and it's also more difficult for me to check them.