Samsung is working on a One UI 7 update for Galaxy S24

 Galaxy S23 hands-on.
Galaxy S23 hands-on.

Samsung could soon take the wraps off its long-awaited One UI 7 update, which is based on Android 15 and all the goodies that OS version brings to the table.

According to Sammobile, the Korean tech giant has started internally testing a beta version of One UI 7. Citing new firmware updates published online, the site noted that Samsung is testing a Galaxy S24 Ultra internally with the firmware version S928BXXU2BXE2, which is believed to be One UI 7.

It could be possible that this is a smaller update to One UI 6. However, it's worth noting that whenever Samsung uses the letter B for the fourth-to-last character in firmware names, it suggests a major update.

The timing here should also provide some clues. Google recently launched a new beta version of its Android 15 software, and according to the vast majority of rumors, One UI 7 will run on Android 15 instead of the older Android 14.

As with any software update, not all beta releases are equally important. Some, like small patches or bug fixes, can come and go without much notice. But larger updates, like the one Samsung is planning, are notable for sometimes delivering a revamped user experience, complete with new features that will make using the platform far more appealing.

Rumors have been swirling about Samsung's One UI 7 plans for months. Most recently, a report suggested that Samsung would launch a vertical app drawer in One UI 7, making it easier for users to find apps. The update is also expected to offer more powerful AI features, improved privacy controls, and better performance for foldables.

For its part, Samsung has been largely tight-lipped about its One UI 7 plans and has instead left all the interest around it to the rumormongers. Considering Samsung has been testing Android 15 for months and is now making it clear that it's testing a new version of One UI internally, it may not be long before the company shares some insights into what it has planned.

But before you get too excited, keep in mind that a One UI 7 launch isn't yet imminent. While Samsung testing the software internally is a good sign, it will also need to test it on a wider range of devices. When it feels like it can start to roll it out, it'll make it available to early adopters who participate in its beta program. Only after that, and after hearing from the beta community to determine which fixes it needs to bundle, will Samsung make it available to its entire user base.

In other words, don't look for One UI 7 to hit Samsung devices for a few months at the earliest. But get ready to find it incredibly useful when it hits your Samsung handset.

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