Samsung may have confirmed the Galaxy Watch Ultra name on its own website

 Several Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic smartwatches in different colors.
The Galaxy Watch Ultra could be as big as the largest Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. | Credit: Samsung

There's been a whole lot of chatter around the potential arrival of a Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra this year, and Samsung itself has joined in with the leaks by publishing the name of the new wearable on its own regional websites.

The pages have been pulled now, but not before they were spotted by 91mobiles (via Android Authority). This doesn't tell us a whole lot about the premium smartwatch, but would appear to confirm its existence, its name, and its imminent arrival.

In previous leaks, we had heard names such as the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra, Galaxy Watch X, and the Galaxy Watch 7 Pro – but as time went on, the Galaxy Watch Ultra moniker was used more and more regularly, and that does indeed appear to be the name of this device.

As this is the first Ultra version in Samsung's smartwatch series, it makes sense not to give it a number. Next year we might have the Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra 2 though (and of course that's what Apple's done with the Apple Watch Ultra 2).

What we've heard so far

Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra leak
Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra leak

There's been plenty of talk about a Galaxy Watch Ultra for 2024, and the leaks so far have been suggesting we will get a premium Samsung smartwatch soon, and that it's going to be 47mm in size – like the largest Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.

One of the most substantial leaks to date shows unofficial renders of what the Galaxy Watch Ultra might look like. It seems Samsung couldn't decide between a square and a round casing design, as it's ended up being something like a mix of the two.

The Galaxy Watch Ultra is also rumored to be turning up with a titanium casing, while the rumored pricing of $699-$710 in the US puts it significantly above the Galaxy Watch 6 but some way short of the asking price of the Apple Watch 2.

Everything is pointing towards July 10 being the date of the next Samsung Unpacked event, when we should see both the Galaxy Watch Ultra and the Galaxy Watch 7, as well as the Galaxy Z Fold 6, Galaxy Z Flip 6, Galaxy Ring, and Galaxy Buds 3.

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