Samsung launches world's first refrigerator that can prepare curd

New Delhi [India], January 22 (ANI): Samsung wants you to stop waiting for the curd to ferment as it has announced a new refrigerator that fastens the process.

Called Curd Maestro, it is the world's first refrigerator that enables curd preparation.

While you still need to boil, cool the milk, and mix curd culture manually, the refrigerator does the fermentation partly in just 5-6 hours, a process which typically takes longer depending on the weather conditions, the official release explains.

It also promises to prepare curd in the same consistency each time irrespective of the weather. Curd Maestro refrigerators are available in 244-litre, 265-litre, 314-litre and 336-litre capacities with prices between INR 30,990 and INR 45,990. (ANI)