The Samsung Galaxy S24 looks likely to launch in January

 The Samsung Galaxy S23 series.
The Samsung Galaxy S23 series.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 phones were unveiled on February 1, 2023, but it looks increasingly likely that the Samsung Galaxy S24 series is going to show up earlier in 2024 – probably before the end of January.

As per seasoned tipster @UniverseIce on Chinese social media site Weibo (via @Tech_Reve and Google Translate), the Galaxy S24 has now entered mass production, which puts it on course for a "mid-to-late January" launch.

That said, sources speaking to SamMobile suggest an "early-to-mid January" launch is still a possibility, though "things could go either way". Everyone seems to be agreed that January is the month, though the exact date is yet to be fixed.

It's certainly plausible that there's still some uncertainty even inside Samsung, and that a specific date for the launch has yet to be decided on. No doubt there will be another Samsung Unpacked event attached, and we will of course cover it all live.

Starting early

Samsung Galaxy S24 launch date rumors have been rather thin on the ground up to this point, but January has previously been mentioned by one tipster, so it's almost certain that Samsung wants to get its flagship phones out earlier than it did this year.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 series launched on February 9, 2022, while the Samsung Galaxy S21 lineup was unveiled on January 14, 2021. These launch dates aren't quite as consistent as they are for, say, the iPhone, but they're always early in the year.

Even with a potential launch date several months away, the Galaxy S24 rumors and leaks are continuing to appear on a regular basis. In recent days we've heard updates about more RAM, better screens, and satellite connectivity for these phones.

Another rumor we've heard is that Samsung will go back to using both its own Exynos chip as well as the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 inside the Galaxy S24, so the performance you get from it might depend on where in the world you happen to buy it form.

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