Samsung announces software update for Galaxy Buds

Seol [South Korea], April 28 (ANI): Samsung Electronics on Monday announced a software update for its Galaxy Buds which enable news features like 'multiple pairing experiences across mobile and PC devices'.

The software update also includes Microsoft Swift Pair feature to help the Galaxy Buds pair 'more easily' with the Windows 10-based PC.

"Previously available on Galaxy Buds+, the features allow Galaxy Buds users to now go completely wireless and take their music more easily than ever before - whether it's on a run, at your workspace or around your home," the company said in a statement.

With the addition of Swift Pair compatibility, Galaxy Buds join Galaxy Buds+ to support multiple pairing experiences across mobile and PC devices, giving users the freedom to easily connect to, and switch between their devices, the company said.

The update will also allow users to experience Ambient Sound automatically on Galaxy Buds. With just a single press, the Spotify users can now listen to personalized music on their Galaxy Buds.

Through a simple 'Tap & Hold' gesture, users can launch Spotify and start listening to music wherever they left off. (ANI)