Sammy The Dog Pulled From Wreckage 6 Days After Landslide Hits Home

A Seattle couple were reunited with their 3-year-old Black Labrador Sammy when she was pulled from the remains of their house on January 13, six days after it had been hit by a landslide.

Footage showed Sammy, one of two family dogs, being carried through the wreckage of the house as owner Didi Fritts cried tears of joy.

James and Didi Fritts feared Sammy had been killed in the landslide that hit their home on January 7. It was a neighbor, Remy Oliver, who first heard Sammy inside the house on January 13 and alerted the Fritts, who called the fire department.

The landslide caused the Fritts’s house to slide 15-20 feet off its foundation, trapping James Fritts, who had to be rescued by emergency services. Credit: Seattle Fire Department via Storyful

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