Sammi Cheng sees change and maturity in Charlene Choi

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

11 Sep – Sammi Cheng recently admitted that she is proud of Charlene Choi and the success that the latter has had since their last collaboration in the 2003 movie, "Good Times, Bed Times".

As reported on Mingpao, the Cantopop queen who sat down for an interview alongside her co-star to promote their new movie, "Fatal Visit", stated that Charlene was very young when they first starred in the 2003 movie and that she didn't know what to say to her except to greet each other before and after work.

"Now we could talk about anything and everything. She finally became an experienced artiste and is mature enough to talk about serious topics. I didn't even expect that she would be more mature than I imagined. But at the same time, she also takes good care of people's feelings. Working with her was very comfortable," she said.

Charlene admitted that she was still a rookie in 2003 and didn't have the courage to talk to her senior. Now that she's older and shares mutual friends with Sammi, it was much easier for them to converse with one another.

"Sammi is a very nice person. I remember that I had some bad experience back when we were not that close, and she would send her message to me through our friends. It was really great and I was touched by it," she said.

"I am so much older than Charlene, so I have more life experience," Sammi said. "This is the way I am. I have been depressed, so I would be more sensitive to people's feelings and mood. I am very willing to share my own experience, or perhaps I would give some encouragement."

(Photo Source: ST Headline)