Sammi Cheng now chooses healthy over skinny

18 Apr - After appearing at the Hong Kong Film Awards looking more radiant than ever, Sammi Cheng recently took to social media to express her thoughts about putting on more weight in comparison to her usual skinny frame.

As reported on Oriental Daily, on 16 April, the singer, who made her first public appearance at the awards ceremony since she halted her work due to COVID-19 last year, said that sometimes bad things are actually blessings.

"I got sick last year, which made me pay more attention to health and relearn about myself. I no longer advocate morbid thinness, but it's about being healthy and fit. Everyone thinks I look pretty, hehe! The secret is that I allow myself to gain some weight, and I am very tired of being skinny," she wrote.

Sammi strives to be stronger and healthier
Sammi strives to be stronger and healthier

In another post, Sammi also said that she has been working hard and changing her eating habits to have a healthier body ratio.

"Shoulder is wider and more muscular and the muscle mass is increased. I like healthy self and healthy mind now," she added.

(Photo Source: Sammi Cheng IG)