Sammi Cheng admits her knee injury has yet to fully heal

21 May – Hong Kong Cantopop star Sammi Cheng recently revealed that her knee injury has yet to fully heal despite the fact that she is soon to start her concert tour.

The singer, who shared her concert updates on Instagram, posted a new photo of her rehearsing her dance routine in the studio, writing, "While rehearsing the dance, it was clear to me that the knee has not recovered completely, but there isn't much time."

"There is no room for a long-term recovery. As long as the knee doesn't hurt so much or weakened all of a sudden, it will be enough. It is enough," she added.

Sammi also assured that she will find a way through it, adding that it would be useless to worry about everything, adding the hashtags #trustyourjourney, #iamdevoted, and #wholeheartedjournal.

Back in February, Sammi shared a photo of her walking with crutches, and revealed that there was an infection in the tendon of her left knee.

The singer is set to kick off her "Follow Mi" concert tour at the Hong Kong Coliseum in July.

(Photo Source: Sammi Cheng Instagram)