Sam Haskell IV took body parts in his Tesla and threw them in a dumpster after day laborers refused to move the remains, prosecutors say

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Samuel Haskell threw body parts in a dumpster after day laborers refused to help, prosecutors say.Spiderplay/Getty Images
  • A top Hollywood agent's son dumped a bag of body parts in the trash, prosecutors say.

  • They said video footage shows Samuel Haskell IV removing the three bags from the trunk of his Tesla.

  • Haskell IV has been charged with three counts of murder, court records show.

Samuel Haskell IV, a top Hollywood agent's son, was spotted on video taking chopped-up body parts out of his Tesla and throwing them in a dumpster after laborers refused to move the remains, prosecutors said in court this week, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Prosecutors have charged Haskell with three counts of murder in connection to the disappearance of his wife, Mei Haskell, and her parents, Yanxiang Wang and Gaoshen Li, court records show.

A composite image of headshots of a woman, an older woman, and an older man against a blue background.
This undated photo combination provided by the Los Angeles Police Department shows Mei Haskell, left, and her parents, YanXiang Wang and Gaoshan Li.Los Angeles Police Department via Associated Press

Haskell was first arrested last Wednesday after an "unidentified female torso" was found in a dumpster in Encino, the LAPD said in a press release.

Haskell had hired a group of day laborers the day before his arrest to dispose of three large bags that he said were full of rocks, one of the workers told NBC Los Angeles.

But when the workers realized that the bags were squishy, they peeked inside to find pieces of human bodies, so they returned the bags and money to Haskell and called 911, Insider previously reported.

Prosecutors say they now have video footage showing Haskell removing three large bags from the trunk of his Tesla and throwing them in the dumpster in Encino, the LA Times reported.

LAPD investigators say they believe the remains found in the dumpster are those of his wife, while her parents are still unaccounted for, according to the LA Times.

Haskell is being held before his next court date in December, the LA Times reported. It is unclear whether Haskell has an attorney.

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