Sam’s Club Is Selling KitchenAid Mixers For A Big Discount Right Now

Kristin Salaky
Photo credit: OHHEYSAMSCLUB - Instagram

From House Beautiful

I cannot be the only person guilty of buying way too many kitchen appliances I will never use. Yes, I own two food processors of different sizes. Let's not talk about it. But one kitchen item that people never seem to regret is a KitchenAid. These stand mixers are serious investment pieces (people have them for decades!) and now you can pick up one for a serious discount at Sam's Club.

Instagrammer @ohheysamsclub posted a photo of KitchenAid stand mixers at the store for $40 off. The deal is part of Sam's Club's Instant Savings program, where members can redeem coupons after they scan their membership card.

This particular deal will take $40 off of your total, which definitely isn't nothing! Plus, if you want to buy online, Sam's Club has professional stand mixers for $60 off. Both of these deals will bring the total of your KitchenAid mixer around $239. It's a pretty penny but you'll probably have it for like, ever! It'll be worth it, I promise.

Once you pick up your KitchenAid, all you'll have to worry about then is what delicious things you'll be whipping up. Um, I vote making some delicious brioche or maybe picking up a pasta attachment and making a whole meal out of it.

But no matter what your preferences for recipes are, you do need to act quickly if you want to snag this deal. The online deal ends March 22. You'll have to ask your local Sam's Club about the in-store deal.

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