Salesforce and Google Workspace want to take your productivity to a whole new level

 Google Workspace
Google Workspace

Generative AI assistants could soon become an even more central part of your working life thanks to a new partnership between Salesforce and Google Workspace.

The software giants have announced a tie-up at Dreamforce 2023 that will see their respective AI assistants closely integrate for a better workplace experience.

This should mean connected AI experiences across Salesforce 360 and Google Workspace, with Docs, Gmail and Google Meet set for a boost.

Google Workspace and Salesforce

The partnership should bring a whole host of potential use cases, including allowing customers to use their own account, contact, and opportunity data from Salesforce to generate customized and personalized content in the likes of Google Slides and Docs, or even help write Gmail messages to clients or leads.

Elsewhere, Google Meet summaries and context from Gmail and Google Calendar can be brought into Salesforce to update records and trigger workflows, such as saving a signed contract to Salesforce and closing the opportunity with a win-loss report generated in Docs.

Google Workspace data can also be harnessed to keep a company’s Salesforce records up to date, boosting productivity by removing tedious update tasks from employee workloads.

Salesforce has also become the first partner for Google Workspace’s new Duet AI extensions framework, with users able to access both company’s services.

“Our partnership with Google empowers organizations to unlock the full potential of AI and data, grounded in trust,” added David Schmaier, President and Chief Product Officer at Salesforce. “This deep integration between Salesforce and Google Workspace, where many users spend much of their day, helps save time and effort, unlocks far greater value and deeper insights from their data, and will fundamentally change how people work."

Google Workspace will also be partnering with the new Einstein Copilot, which the company says will be able to access relevant context in the office software’s apps to boost workers in areas such as sales, service, marketing, commerce, and more.

"Our partnership with Salesforce is an example of why an open and extensible ecosystem for generative AI will create the most value for customers,” noted Thomas Kurian, CEO at Google Cloud. “Together, Salesforce and Google Workspace will empower organizations to redefine how work is accomplished with generative AI, help foster innovation and productivity at scale, and make common tasks more efficient and purposeful."

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