Sales of Halloween goods boom despite rising costs

STORY: Despite a 27% increase in Halloween home merchandise and a 61% increase in costumes and accessories – per Refinitiv research in collaboration with StyleSage – the candy aisles are stronger than ever.

Sour Patch and Cadbury chocolate maker Mondelez International, is on track to post stronger revenue than the previous three years while Hershey is tracking for stronger revenue versus pandemic and pre-pandemic levels.

"We're having our best year ever in the history of our store with our Halloween candy sales so far" said a grocery store owner Roy Rodman.

Experts say the chocolate maker’s Q4 earnings are expected to grow 64.1% from pre-pandemic levels. Regardless of the inflation most of American are looking forward to celebrating Halloween.

So far, 10% of online apparel is sold out vs 6% during the pandemic, and 3% pre-pandemic – showing stronger demand than previous years, Refinitiv experts say.