This Sale Will Fulfill All Your Grandmillennial Dreams

Hadley Keller
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Is week of self-isolation at home making you ache for a design refresh? Well, you're in luck. Starting today, the delightfully maximalist design duo behind Madcap Cottage, Jason Oliver Nixon and John Loecke, are auctioning a horde of their personal collection through Leland Little. The best part? You can bid online. Wait no, the real best part? Asking prices start at just $25, meaning you can score major deals on historically significant design pieces vetted by a Grandmillennial favorite design duo.

Photo credit: Leland Little

You see, the auction is comprised of pieces that Nixon and Loecke themselves acquired over the years at auctions, estate sales, and flea markets. "John and I love picking up pieces with provenance," says Nixon. "We look at ourselves as stewards." And so, among the pieces on the block at Leland Little are such design history gems as vintage pieces from Baker and McGuire as well as antiques scored from the homes of socialite CZ Guest and decorator Nancy Lancaster and the original Eden Roc hotel in Miami.

Many of the items have been restored by the Madcap duo, and some given a dose of their pattern-happy style. "We acquire these things, we bolster them, give them some love, and then we want to see them move onto new hands," explains Nixon.

Photo credit: John Bessler

As any followers of their Instagram will know, Loecke and Nixon are the ultimate elevated DIYers. "On the weekends our go-to project is polishing up stuff from the 18th, 19th, 20th century," laughs Nixon. Fans of Madcap Cottage will be especially excited to know that the pieces for sale aren't just coming out of some warehouse—Loecke and Nixon have lived with them for years in their maximalist fantasy home, lovingly dubbed the House of Bedlam.

"We don't just buy things to have more," says Loecke. "These are all things we really loved and had in our homes—for better or worse. They come with great memories and history." Plus, he points out, the high quality proven by decades (or even centuries) of use.

That's not to say they're perfect, though—and for good reason. "Nobody wants perfect interiors," Nixon says. "And the fact is we have so many pieces in our home that come from great designers but they're not perfect, and we actually live with them. If it has scratches and marks, that's what makes it special."

That also may be what makes it blessedly more affordable: "I think if auctions scare you, this is a great opportunity to go in and find something that has these great details but isn't, you know, $10,000," Nixon says. We like the sound of that.

Interested buyers can visit Leland Little's website beginning today and place a maximum bid on items—or bid live at the auction on March 26.

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