Hawaiian Boat Crew Rescues Tourists After Car Driven Into Harbor

A quick thinking sailboat crew helped rescue two tourists after they drove their car into Honokohau Harbour, in Kailua Kona, Hawaii.

Video by Christie Hutchinson shows the crew use rope to drag the sinking car back into shallow water before helping the driver and passenger out of the vehicle.

Hutchinson told Storyful the crew of the Nanea sailboat had returned from a day of sailing when they witnessed the car drive head-on into the harbor beside them.

“The passengers were tourists trying to find a Manta Ray Snorkel tour company in the harbor and had been following their GPS directions when they took a wrong turn into the water,” Hutchinson explained. Credit: Christie Hutchinson via Storyful

Video transcript

- What is going on?

- He's just laughing.

- Pretty sure that wasn't supposed to happen.

- Throw me the rope. There's a rope right in the cockpit. With a buoy on it.

- Where?

- Right in the--


- A swimming buoy right in the front.

- There's a line in the front of the boat.

- Sean, throw me the swimming buoy.


- Throw me the swim buoy.

- Oh god.

- You OK? How many people are in the car? Just you and your friend?

- All right, Sean--

- Yeah, hang on.

- You going in?

- Somebody-- we need somebody to pull on the--

- All right, I'm helping by coming over.

- OK, just-- Sean, where's the end of this?

- Brian, can you pass me my mask on that-- on [INAUDIBLE] over there [INAUDIBLE].

- All right, just let me know if I can help in any capacity.


- Yeah, just stay there for now.

- All right.

- Give me that other line?

- Right down my [INAUDIBLE] right there.


- [INAUDIBLE] fucking line?

- Yeah, we got momentum going there.

- Oh, you got it coming back?

- Yeah.

- All right.

- Why don't we--

- I'm getting on the other side.

- --pull it that way?

- Does anyone got a truck that they can get down here?

- Yeah.

- I guess.


- We're making headway.

- I think they just drove straight into the water. I'm not sure.

- You guys want to throw that line to him?

- It needs a lot of line.

- That's because they're on the--

- Yeah, there's another line.

- You want to hold on to that?


- [INAUDIBLE] so we'll get you on.

- You want to try and tie it on?


- That's front wheel driving, no fucking axle.


- All right, do you have shoes?

- OK, go.

- Watch this [INAUDIBLE].

- Hey, you should just tie it off the [INAUDIBLE] and wait for a truck to pull in.


- [INAUDIBLE] the line right here.

- Do you want to tie this to the other [INAUDIBLE]? To the other axle?

- We got it.


- Somebody get a truck down here, would you?


- Get that truck. Get that fucking truck down here.


- Tie it off to the cleat. Yeah, cleat it off.

- Yeah, yeah, it's trying to go back out. Tie it off.

- Hey, tie it on quick. it's starting to sink.

- Quick. Go. Go.

- Ron, go to the cleat. Go to the cleat.

- It's sinking.


- Hurry, guys.

- Right over there.

- Guys, hurry.

- It's tied up.

- All right, tie it up on here.

- Oh my god.

- Is everybody out?

- Yeah, there was only two, right?

- Everybody's out?

- Everybody's out. Everybody's out.

- I know we-- we're not going to be able to pull that. You're going to need something big and fucking heavy to pull that.