Saigon man installed an air-conditioning system to raise RATS

This is the unusual story of 23-year-old Vu Thanh Dat, a man from Saigon who has engineered an air-conditioning system in order to grow his rats. Dat tells local media that “I have been in the guinea pig model for 3 years. At first, I researched and learned, it only ate clean foods including bamboo, sugarcane, elephant grass, cassava roots, and cassava roots. It also has no bad smell, which is acceptable in an urban environment, so I started farming. During the farming process, at first, there was no experience, it was too hot, had poor eating, poor reproduction, even loss, so I tinkered more, seeing that its properties in the forest withstand cool temperatures so I installed After testing the air conditioner, after installing it, it is very effective. It must be called improving the development of the mouse. A year it spawned more, eats and drinks more than before I installed the air-conditioner. Currently, there is one attached to the bottom, 2 above the ones, a total of 3 air-conditioners. Temperature maintained from 24 to 28 degrees Celsius. Here we raise more than 100 animals, and the farm in Binh Phuoc raises about 500. Depending on the season, the season to breed a lot, we sell to the market from 5 to 10 animals per day. If we do not breed during the season, we cannot sell. At present, there are 200 commercial breeding pens and breeding mice. ” Regarding the output for this model, Dat said that when raising a calf of about 1kg, the product could be exported. Currently the output for the meat is very "hot", so customers are mainly restaurants, restaurants, ... actively contact the young boss to buy. If the seed is from 1.2 million - 1.8 million VND / pair, the finished product is 700,000 VND / kg. The marmot is a family in the rodent family that is also classified in the mouse family, so the species is also known as the pineapple mouse. This animal is often adapted to an underground, natural way of life, so there are very few farmers in Vietnam. Therefore, people who raise and get rich through excuses are one of the most special things in Saigon," Dat said.