Sadie Sink's Short Hair Is the Perfect Inspiration for Your Next Chop

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Whether you’re a celebrity or not, cutting your hair from super long to super short is a major decision and commitment. For some people, it happens on a whim. For others, it’s a long, thought-out process. For actress Sadie Sink, who cut her hair into a modern-day shag style last spring, it was, according to her hairstylist, Tommy Buckett, more of a decision to submerge herself into character for a movie she was filming. “She didn’t freak out at all when we cut more than 10 inches off of her hair,” he says. “It was actually a really fun moment!”

Ahead, we’re taking inspiration from the daring beauty and paying homage to 10 of our favorite hairstyles that the stunning redhead has sported over the past year.

Retro-Inspired Haircut

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This is the cut that started Sadie’s short hair phase. She and Buckett decided to create a unique haircut that he says features equal parts Winona Ryder hair from the '90s with a '70s-inspired Mick Jagger shag. “This cut is super cool,” he adds. “I like that it works really well with her hair texture, and it doesn’t need to be styled all that much."

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Slick and Modern

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Here, Buckett says Sadie wanted to create a slick, architectural look with her hair. “We wanted it to look modern, yet classic, so we decided to style it into a slick, sleek updo.”


Unbeknownst to many, updos can be worn successfully on shorter hair simply by pinning shorter pieces back into place with bobby pins and using the right hair styling products, which typically include strong-hold hair gels and hair serums to tame the hair.

Cool-Girl Waves

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Even though Sadie's hair is not nearly as short as it once was, it's still somewhat on the shorter side for her. She wears her hair in a half-up, half-down style (a departure from her signature deep side part) and “I-woke-up-like-this” waves that impart a natural, effortless look. Together, the combination, which offers up a hint of volume at the crown, is nothing short of super chic and stylish and not the least bit austere.

Longer, Deconstructed Curls

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As Sadie's wolf cut grows out over time, it starts to morph into more of a shoulder-length hairstyle that she can wear either sleek and straight or with a natural wave and bend. Here, the actress styles her hair with a bevy of fun, quirky curls along with her signature deep side part, which accentuates her bone structure and calls attention to her beautiful features.

Modern Retro

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For a unique take on a more retro-inspired style, Sadie's hair is styled without a part and entirely off her face. The longest hair pieces hit right at the base of her neck, with the rest hovering right above her shoulders. The ends flip up ever so gently for a bit of playfulness. To create texture and add shine throughout Sadie's hair, Buckett says he often likes to use styling products such as Oribe Crème for Style ($42) and follows it up with Illes Formula Finishing Hair Serum ($54).

Effortless, Yet Elegant

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"Sadie's hair has a totally cool girl vibe to it here with this look," Buckett says. "It's a very chic, yet easy look that we created. Even though I only cut her hair once (in the spring), this is that same haircut, just a little more grown out. Her hair still looks great even though it is changing into a different style than what her original cut looked like."

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Classic Shorter Waves

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For an elegant red carpet hairstyle, Sadie frequently sports a blown-out look with well-defined, shiny waves and a deep side part. "There's a curl in the front of her hair that is kind of doing its own thing here," Buckett says. "Overall, this style on her gives off a very expensive look!"

Soft Face Frame

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Face-framing beach wave pieces accent Sadie's soft and ethereal hairstyle. To create a similar style at home, first loosely pull the hair back (forgo using a brush and any gels or serums) and secure it into a ponytail or bun with a rubber band. Then, pull out a few pieces of hair right around the face. Wrap them around a large barrel curling iron to create a slight wave with dimension. Finally, run a small amount of a frizz-reducing oil or serum through the ends to prevent the hair from looking frizzy and dull.

Grown-Out Shag

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As Sadie's short haircut grows out, she's leaning into wearing it in various styles that complement its changing length. Here, she pulls her red hair back and off her face and tucks it behind her ears with an undefined, just off-center part. The ends of her hair are slightly defined yet not too straight nor too curled. Heavy, dark eye makeup adds to her edgy rock-n-roll look.

Rock-Chic Vibes

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For more of an effortless, natural look with a hint of sexiness, Sadie's grown-out shullet haircut is entirely off her face. There's a decent amount of volume at the crown and slick sides. A small, single piece of hair acts as a face frame adjacent to her eyebrow while her ends flip up, creating a polished princess feel that isn't too serious or unattainable.

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