Sad Inflight Meal Series: Passenger shocked at Singapore Airlines’ ‘pathetic’ breakfast on Melbourne flight

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You get what you pay in Economy class, right?

Recently a couple of Singapore Airlines passengers shared their disappointment at the meals served in Economy class – with photos to show for it – and came to the conclusion that standards have dropped.

While there were many agreed and jumped aboard the complaint train, there were still some SIA supporters who stood by the airline.

Today, another disgruntled passenger on Reddit shared his economical breakfast on a flight to Melbourne and captioned the post, “SQ207 SIN to MEL breakfast. Pathetic siol.

Aptly named user Low_Ses_Man posted an image of his breakfast which consisted of a yogurt cup, a bread roll and a muffin. There was no “main” dish.

Many chipped in commenting that food from the National Service (NS) cookhouse was better and others said that they also chose to fly other airlines when traveling because it was more worth it for the price they paid.

However, some quickly pointed out that this was not the only meal served on the flight and might just be a “snack” that the user posted.

Regardless, another user dug up an old picture of a proper breakfast in Economy on Singapore Airlines from 2014-2017.

Photo: Reddit/sesamebatter
Photo: Reddit/sesamebatter

You can still spot the bread roll, muffin and same yogurt cup but there is also a warm main dish and some fruits to complete the serving. Now, that looks more like a meal.

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