Saatva Classic vs Cloverlane Hybrid: which luxury mattress is better?

 Saatva Classic vs Cloverlane mattress.
Saatva Classic vs Cloverlane mattress.

Resident Home – parent brand of Nectar and DreamCloud, among others – released its Cloverlane Mattress in late 2023 as a direct response to the popular Saatva Classic. From the Euro-top and gold and white color scheme to multiple firmness levels with an emphasis on lumbar support, I think it's clear where Resident drew its inspiration from. But as you'll find out in my Saatva Classic vs Cloverlane Hybrid showdown, each mattress stands out for its own reasons.

The Saatva Classic emerges as the winner here – it does reign as the best mattress overall. However, the Cloverlane is a slightly better value since it offers most of the same perks and a comparable level of performance to the Saatva for less money. (It's also available as a full-foam bed, if that's your preference.) Still, if you have the cash to splash, I think it's worth spending it on the meticulously-handcrafted Saatva.

Keep scrolling for my complete head-to-head between the Saatva Classic and the Cloverlane Hybrid. You can also check out my Cloverlane Hybrid Mattress review or read our Saatva Classic mattress review to help you arrive at a decision. Both beds are discounted during regular mattress sales so no matter what, you'll be scoring a deal.

Saatva Classic vs Cloverlane Hybrid: Specs

Saatva Classic vs Cloverlane Hybrid: Design

  • Both mattresses feature three firmness levels & chiropractor approval

  • The Saatva Classic is a handcrafted innerspring with minimal foam

  • The Cloverlane is a mass-produced, foam-heavy mattress

Both the Saatva Classic and the Cloverlane Hybrid come in three firmness levels and share a few design elements: a Euro-top with specialized lumbar zone quilting and gold accents against an off-white exterior. Chiropractors rate them as some of the best mattresses for back pain, with Saatva being awarded a seal of approval from the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations, and the Cloverlane receiving an endorsement from the American Chiropractic Association.

The Saatva Classic is an innerspring hybrid with minimal foam. There is a localized strip of memory foam paired with Saatva's Lumbar Zone Active Spinal Wire, plus high-density foam rails for edge support. The rest of the mattress consists of pocketed coils with a reinforced middle for lower back support, and a base of 13-gauge tempered steel springs to prevent sagging and trapped heat. The 3-inch Euro pillow-top is wrapped in an organic cotton cover with a specialized botanical antimicrobial treatment to prevent mildew and mold.

Layers inside the Saatva Classic and Cloverlane mattresses
Layers inside the Saatva Classic and Cloverlane mattresses

The Cloverlane Hybrid is much more reliant on foam. There's also an all-foam version with a 9-inch foam support core instead of 8-inch wrapped coils with a dense foam wall found in the hybrid version. Both iterations feature a 2.5-inch layer of transitional support foam and two inches of gel-infused memory foam, with a half-inch thick strip of latex across the middle for lumbar support. It's capped by a 1.75-inch plush foam Euro-top cloaked in a moisture-wicking blend of polyester, cotton, and polyethylene.

Aside from firmness, Saatva also allows you to tailor the height of the mattress to your comfort (11.5 or 14.5 inches). Meanwhile, the Cloverlane is adorned with 16 brass air vents for added breathability. You'll find side carry handles on the Cloverlane and the 14.5-inch Saatva Classic. Saatva makes it clear they produce mattresses without fiberglass, but it's unknown whether Cloverlane mattresses contain fiberglass. Both beds use CertiPUR-US certified foam.

In my opinion, the craftsmanship is what truly sets these two mattresses apart. The Cloverlane isn't poorly made, but its poly-blend cover doesn't look or feel as luxe and cozy as Saatva's tufted organic cotton cover. Plus, each Saatva Classic mattress is handcrafted to order at one of its US-based factories while the Cloverlane is mass-produced and placed in a box (albeit flat), which means you may risk some off-gassing the longer it's sealed.

Winner: Saatva Classic. Design-wise, there are similarities but Saatva's beautifully handcrafted beds take the W here. Both mattresses arrive flat via free White Glove Delivery, but the Cloverlane still arrives in a box and opts for a more utilitarian poly-blend cover, which I think diminishes the "luxury" vibe the brand is aiming for. However, I do give Cloverlane credit for adding side handles, which will make it easier to rotate and move.

Saatva Classic vs Cloverlane Hybrid: Price

  • Cloverlane hosts an evergreen sale that cuts up to $700 off

  • Saatva mattress sales range from $200 to $500 off

  • Both include free in-room delivery, a 1-year trial, and forever warranty

The Cloverlane launched in late 2023 with up to $700 off the retail price, and that offer has held steady with a queen-size going for $1,499. These sale prices apply to the hybrid and full-foam versions of the Cloverlane, which is an unusual (but welcome) practice since hybrids typically cost more. You can add a specialty cooling cover with extra heat-wicking fibers for $199 extra, or add a bedding bundle with down pillows, percale sheets, and a mattress pad (up to a $696 value) from $199

Saatva mattress sales run all the time but those deals are more fluid. Regular discounts shave $200 to $300 off the list price, but we occasionally host exclusive offers that cut as much as $500 off, dropping the price of a queen Saatva Classic to as low as $1,595. (It regularly fetches around $1,800 during standard sales after another bump in MSRP.)

Price-wise, the Cloverlane costs around $100 to $400 less than the Saatva Classic, though that differential will vary based on whatever promotion Saatva is running at the time. Both beds include a one-year trial, a lifetime warranty, and free White Glove Delivery with optional mattress removal – although Saatva adds foundation removal. Returns are free with the Cloverlane; Saatva charges a $99 fee.

Winner: Cloverlane Hybrid. An evergreen discount of up to $700 won't leave you wondering how much you'll save on a Cloverlane mattress (provided the ticket price remains steady, of course). It's less than the Saatva Classic while offering most of the same amenities – with free returns, to boot. Among luxury mattresses, the Cloverlane is one of the best values out there.

That said, if you have the extra cash to spare, I'd strongly recommend spending it on the Saatva Classic, which boasts a nicer quality of craftsmanship and comes with free foundation removal if you need it.

Saatva Classic vs Cloverlane Hybrid: Comfort & support

  • Saatva and Cloverlane both come in three firmness levels

  • Each mattress also features targeted lumbar support

  • However, the all-foam Cloverlane may offer more sinkage

The Saatva Classic and Cloverlane Hybrid both come in three firmness levels that equate to plush (3-4/10 firmness), medium-firm (5-7), and firm (8). We've personally tested the Firm Saatva Classic and a Plush Soft Cloverlane Hybrid.

Variable firmness allows you to choose a bed that's a right fit for your sleep style and body type. Softer mattresses are ideal for smaller individuals and side sleepers while firmer beds will suit heavier bodies and stomach and back sleepers. Medium-firm beds should work for back and combi sleepers, as well as those with back pain.

The Saatva Classic mattress shown on a stylish bed frame in a neutral colored bedroom
The Saatva Classic mattress shown on a stylish bed frame in a neutral colored bedroom

Don't expect much sinkage with either the Saatva Classic nor the Cloverlane Hybrid. The Saatva Classic is mostly made of coils which gives it a bouncier feel, even at its softest. Meanwhile, I slept on a Plush Soft Cloverlane Hybrid and was surprised at how solid it felt the first couple of weeks – and even after breaking it in I still felt it skewed medium-firm. There's a chance the all-foam version of the Cloverlane yields more of that sink-in sensation if that's what you're after, but you'll still need time to break it in.

Cloverlane Mattress
Cloverlane Mattress

The Saatva Classic and Cloverlane Hybrid sport stronger coils and specialty quilting in the center to promote proper alignment. To relieve lower back pressure, Saatva incorporates a memory foam lumbar crown and an Active Spinal Wire while Cloverlane uses a strip of latex. Each bed uses different measures to accomplish the same thing, but in my opinion one isn't noticeably better than the other here. (I tested the Saatva RX mattress, which has a similar construction to the Saatva Classic.)

Winner: Draw. The Saatva Classic and Cloverlane Hybrid offer multiple firmness options and targeted lumbar support so you can choose the level of comfort you need without sacrificing proper alignment. For a more pronounced sink-in sensation, you may want to opt for the all-foam version of the Cloverlane.

Saatva Classic vs Cloverlane Hybrid: Performance

  • The Saatva Classic's design is built for cooler sleep

  • The Cloverlane's foam helps it excel in motion isolation

  • Choose the Saatva Classic for consistent edge support

In addition to comfort and support, we also evaluate how well a mattress can regulate temperature (so you don't overheat at night), isolate motion (so you and your partner don't annoy each other with your movements), and how sturdy the edges are (so you'll know how much of the surface you can comfortably use).

Temperature regulation

The Saatva Classic and the Cloverlane Hybrid each do a fine job of preventing heat from being trapped. Given its lack of foam and dual layer of coils, Saatva may have a tiny edge here, although the Cloverlane's brass air vents are a nice touch. Still, if you deal with severe night sweats, one of the best cooling mattress may be a proper fit.

Motion isolation

Motion isolation prevents movements from traveling across a mattress surface. This is where the Cloverlane Hybrid's use of foam works to its benefit, as it does a great job of dampening most movements. The firmest version of the Saatva Classic also performs well in this area, but you should still anticipate some bounce. Memory foam mattresses tend to be the most effective at limiting movement so the all-foam Cloverlane might be your best bet if you sleep with a restless partner.

Edge support

Edge support is important to anyone wanting to use the full surface of their mattress for sleeping, or who needs a sturdy edge to push up off in the morning. The Saatva Classic's high-density foam rails yield fantastic edge support whether you're sitting or sprawling. Notably, this appears to be the sentiment across Saatva's spectrum of firmness levels. In contrast, the edge support of the twin Plush Soft Cloverlane Hybrid I tested was inconsistent, particularly when sitting along the middle perimeter. However, there's a possibility that firmer, larger versions of the bed fare better here.

Winner: Saatva (but barely). The Cloverlane Hybrid and Saatva Classic are near-equal when it comes to overall performance, but sturdier edges and a slightly cooler sleep experience put Saatva just over the top. If you're most concerned about limiting motion transfer, either version of the Cloverlane Mattress should be on your radar.

Saatva Classic vs Cloverlane Hybrid: which one should you buy?

Buy the Saatva Classic if...

✅ You're willing to spend for a handcrafted luxury mattress: You'll pay more for a Saatva Classic than a Cloverlane Hybrid, but in return you'll have a beautifully handcrafted mattress that's made to order and delivered straight to your bedroom, with mattress and foundation removal if you need it.

You want a mattress made without fiberglass: Cloverlane doesn't make it clear whether it uses fiberglass, but Saatva proudly advertises its use of a natural, plant-based thistle flame retardant in place of fiberglass. If you're sensitive to fiberglass or simply prefer not to sleep on a mattress that has it, go with the Saatva.

You have mobility issues: With its exceptional edge support and the ability to choose your mattress depth, the Saatva Classic will offer peace of mind to sleepers who need to take their time getting in and out of bed due to an injury or health condition.

Buy the Cloverlane Hybrid if...

✅  You want the same perks as a Saatva for less: The price differential between the Cloverlane and Saatva Classic may only be a matter of a few hundred bucks, but for the most frugal shoppers among us, every dollar counts. You can spend less for a Cloverlane Mattress while availing of most of the benefits that come standard with a Saatva.

✅  You want a mattress that's mostly (or completely) foam: The Cloverlane is available as a hybrid or all-foam mattress, with no change in price between them. If you want the deep pressure relief and superb motion isolation of a foam-based bed, you'll have that option with the Cloverlane. Even if you choose the Cloverlane Hybrid, you'll still find more foam within than you would with the Saatva.

✅ You'd rather not pay for returns: Both mattresses come with a one-year sleep trial, but Cloverlane covers the return delivery fee if it doesn't work out. (Saatva charges $99.)