SA flood victims search for loved ones

STORY: Bonakele Mtshali was away at a funeral when floods on South Afrtica's east coast swept her iron-roofed shack off the hillside in Lindelani township.

Her two daughters, aged 11 and 17, were inside.

She's been searching for them since the disaster struck at the start of the week.

“When I arrived, I asked where the children were and wasn't even bothered about my house being swept away by the floods. So I asked where my children were because I told them to go stay with my sister. No one answered me, I asked my son, he also didn’t know and so I realised that they were swept away with the flood.”

On Thursday (April 14) Mtshali's son got a call from others in the community who had found a body.

It was 17-year-old Baphiwe.

“I’m very sad but I cannot be angry at anyone because it’s God’s plan.”

Mtshali's daughter is one of around 400 people killed after extremely powerful rains battered KwaZulu-Natal province.

Authorities say 13,600 people have been left homeless.

Some like Bonga Mkhuzu were trying to rebuild.

“As you can see now I’m digging a toilet. I’ve got no toilet, I’ve got no water, no electricity, no food at home, everything is gone with these floods.”

Others on Friday (April 15) were searching for survivors or closure.

The government has mobilized emergency funds to bring relief to thousands without shelter, power or water - a tragedy that experts say will become more common as the climate warms.

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