Rylan thanks fans for advice as he gives update on mum's health

The TV presenter's mum suffered a bad fall while on her first foreign holiday in 10 years.

Pictured: Rylan and Linda - Celebrity Gogglebox (Channel 4)
Rylan Clark and his mum Linda on Celebrity Gogglebox. (Channel 4)

Rylan Clark has offered his heartfelt thanks to fans for their advice on his mum's fall as he offered an update on how she is doing.

The former X Factor star had recently shared how he had taken mum Linda to Spain on her first foreign holiday in 10 years - but it ended in disaster when she fell over and broke her arm and leg.

On Monday, Clark shared with his fans how their nightmare still wasn't over, as he was finding it difficult to get her an appointment to have her stitches and staples taken out.

Rylan Clark-Neal arrives at ARIAS 2023 at Theatre Royal Drury Lane on May 02, 2023 in London, England. (Photo by Joe Maher/Getty Images)
Rylan Clark thanked fans for their advice. (Getty Images)

In a plea to his social media followers, he tweeted: "My mum has been home 4 days, tried to book her in private (because luckily I can afford that) for her arm and leg, won’t take her because surgery wasn’t done by them, since Friday have been waiting for the NHS hospital to come back to me, have been number 76 in the Queue since this morning finally get through to be told they haven’t received her referral (which they have) my mum is 71 and has other serious health issues.

"I know the NHS is on its knees at the minute but what on earth would she do without family around her. I’ve now been told there’s nothing else the gp surgery can do (who have been great) so here with my mum in 2 casts, she needs her stitches and staples removed this week, and then her physio can begin, at a loose end here, any advice from doctors/nurses on here would be great thanks x"

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He continued: "Or if anyone knows of any private hospitals/ medical groups in the Essex area that would accept her as an outpatient please get in touch, if I can afford for her to go private I’d much rather that as it’s one less patient the already exhausted NHS won’t have to worry about . Thank u x"

Pictured: Rylan and Linda - Celebrity Gogglebox (Channel 4)
The TV star is close to his mum Linda. (Channel 4)

Clark's fans stepped up to offer their advice, with some medically trained fans even offering to carry out the appointment themselves.

Others advised Clark on which private hospitals he could call around for help.

The ex Strictly: It Takes Two host tweeted: "GP has sent two urgent referrals , have tried to get through. Will just have to wait, just time sensitive as her staples are due to come out and not sure of implications if they are left in longer. Thanks for all your advice x if anyone knows someone at the fracture clinic Princess Alexandra, give them a little nudge x"

He then told fans he was planning on a break from social media after thanking them for their help: "Time to come away for a bit from here. Cheers everyone for your advice it’s greatly appreciated . X"

Clark and mum Linda have featured on Celebrity Gogglebox together and he has spoken of her support following the breakdown of his marriage.