Ryanair drops Afrikaans test after SA backlash

STORY: Ryanair has dropped a requirement for South African passengers to prove their nationalities by completing a test in Afrikaans, chief executive Michael O'Leary has said.

The low-cost carrier's controversial policy had drawn a backlash from South Africans and was criticized as a "backward profiling system" by the government.

Afrikaans is spoken by just 12% of the population and is often associated with apartheid and white minority rule.

O'Leary described the South African government's "profiling" accusation as "rubbish", but said the test had been dropped.

He told a news conference on Tuesday (June 14) the policy had been rescinded because "it doesn't make any sense."

But he also said Pretoria had acknowledged that there's a problem with the "vast number of false or fake South African passports".

O'Leary cited a surge in false South African passports on a route between Turkey and Ireland.

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