Ryanair CEO sees travel 'mushrooming' despite restrictions

Demand for holidays in Europe is 'mushrooming'- according to Ryanair group CEO Michael O'Leary.

O'Leary said Wednesday (June 23) that the budget airline was on track to fly 80 to 100 million passengers by March 2022.

That is up from 27.5 million last year, but still well below pre-health crisis levels of 149 million.

"Bookings have recovered and recovered very strongly in the last I would say eight weeks they're recovering much more strongly in Germany in Benelux in Scandinavia, people coming to Portugal from those countries. The UK and Ireland are opening up more slowly because of... not because of delta variant but because of political cowardice they are terrified to allow people even vaccinated people to travel, but we think that will get resolved with the EU digital certificate on the first of July and we believe the UK will join in that system."

Britain allowed vacations again from May after months of lockdown, but is still discouraging travel to popular holiday destinations such as Spain, France and Greece.

They are all classified as "amber" under its "traffic light" system.

Last week, Ryanair launched a legal challenge against Britain over the system, hoping to force a relaxation of the rules.

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