Ryan Gosling Revealed The 1 Role He'd Like To Revisit, And The Reason Is Hilarious

<span class="copyright">Kayla Oaddams via Getty Images</span>
Kayla Oaddams via Getty Images

It’s difficult to imagine a Ryan Gosling flick that deserves a re-do, but according to the actor himself, there is one he’d love to revisit – and it’s kind of nothing to do with the actual film.

In a video with Wall Street Style, Ryan discussed his upcoming film The Fall Guy, the success of Barbie and his life as a dad, before the interviewer asked: “What’s the one role you’d like to do over?”

His answer was La La Land, but not for a reason that anybody would have thought.

Why Ryan Gosling would re-do La La Land, given the chance

Of course, La La Land was a hugely successful film, and the chemistry between Ryan and Emma Stone really brought a bit of magic to the movie musical.

However, there’s one thing about it that Ryan said still “haunts” him.

During the dance scene for the song A Lovely Night, that actually inspired the film’s poster, there was a moment where the choreography required both actors to put their hands in the air.

At the time, Ryan “thought it would be cool” to flatten his hand, rather than have it pointing upwards like Emma’s.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in La La Land
Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in La La Land Dale Robinette/Black Label Media/Kobal/Shutterstock

Gesturing with his flattened-out hand, he said: “I thought it’d be cool to put my hand like that, even though everyone told me it wasn’t cool.”

Of course, Ryan was adamant, though he clearly regrets the gesture that he now dubs his “La La Hand”.

The interviewer told him that, in fact, this is a real thing that dancers do, and it’s called “Hamburger Hands” before asking him if his background in dance helped him for his role in the 2016 hit.

He responded: “Well, I thought it would, and then, of course, Hamburger Hands Gosling over here... It didn’t help me at all, in the end.”

Of course, even with his errant hand, the film was a huge success.

It received a whopping 14 nominations at the Oscars and won six of those including Best Director, Best Score, Best Original Score and Best Actress for Emma Stone.

Watch Ryan’s interview in full below: