Ryan Gosling recalls getting his first autograph from Angela Bassett when he was 13

He asked the actress for her signature after she wowed him in the Tina Turner biopic "What's Love Got to Do With It": "It was one of the best performances I'd ever seen."

These days, plenty of moviegoers who would like to snag Ryan Gosling's autograph, but the star of The Fall Guy was once just a fan himself — and he was lucky enough to experience an exciting early encounter with an actress who truly wowed him: Angela Bassett.

During his Thursday appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, the host asked Gosling if he had ever asked someone for their autograph.

"The first person I asked was The Ultimate Warrior, and he said no," Gosling replied, referring to the pro wrestler. "But the second person I asked — the first person to give it to me — was Ms. Angela Bassett."

Gosling said the moment occurred when he was 13, just after he had seen the 1993 Tina Turner biopic, What's Love Got to Do With It, for which Bassett was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar. The star happened to be in the lobby of the very AMC Theatre where he'd caught the movie.

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"It was one of the best performances I'd ever seen, and still is," Gosling told Colbert, going on to explain that she was standing with actor and comedian Sinbad when he approached her for her signature. "I don't know if they were with each other — I don't know," he said. "They were talking."

But that was beside the point anyway. It was Angela Bassett.

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<p>Gilbert Flores/Getty; Kevin Mazur/Getty</p> Ryan Gosling; Angela Bassett

Gilbert Flores/Getty; Kevin Mazur/Getty

Ryan Gosling; Angela Bassett

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Gosling also gushed over the surreal moment while speaking with IMDb recently.

"She was so nice," Gosling said. "She gave me an autograph. She autographed my ticket."

He called her turn as Turner "the best performance" he'd seen in that interview too, adding that she was "just so cool and so sweet."

"And it just was like, that's how you do it," he said.

At the time, Gosling had just started work on a new version of The Mickey Mouse Club, on which he sang, danced, and acted alongside fellow Mouseketeers — and future stars — Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Christina Aguilera.

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Back in October 2010, Gosling explained that he wasn't thrilled with his time on the show.

"It was kind of depressing because when I got there, they realized that I wasn't really up to snuff in comparison with what some of the other kids were able to do," the La La Land star told Interview magazine. "I remember one time they put four of us in a dance routine, but I was so off. I was on the end, so they just pushed the shot in closer on the other three guys to frame me out. I would just come in at the beginning of the show and then come back at the end, and occasionally I'd have a sketch here or there, but I didn't end up working that much, which was disheartening."

Of course, Gosling found big success later in movies such as The Notebook, Blade Runner 2049, and last year's blockbuster smash Barbie.

Gosling told Colbert that the last autograph he got was not for him, but for his partner Eva Mendes, with whom he shares two children. That signature came from actor and comedian Jim J. Bullock.

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