Rwandan-born designer champions African unity with new collection

This Rwandan-born designer champions African unity through fashion

(SOUNDBITE) (English) FASHION DESIGNER AND VISUAL ARTIST, ELI GOLD, SAYING: "From the beginning, Africans were travelers, they were nomadic people. So I believe that me telling the story of us moving through the universe is our way of showing our togetherness, the way that we can embrace one another and become one, you know. ‘Cos I believe that migration is not a problem but a process, so by doing that we bring back our togetherness, our spirit of Ubuntu."

Gold’s collection, “Migration Is Beautiful, Destroy All Borders”

saw models in structured travel wear and flowing looks

made from bold prints that are signature to the continent

He presented the collection at an Africa Day event in Johannesburg

SOUNDBITE) (English) FASHION DESIGNER AND VISUAL ARTIST, ELI GOLD, SAYING: "Due to what happened in my country, I was forced to live in different parts of Africa. By living in those places, I got to understand what Africa is about and I got to meet different cultures. From there I got an understanding what being united could change the world and Africa in general, in a way of uplifting one another. So all the motifs that I use in fabric and inspiration that I use in my creativity, all comes from different African cultures."

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