Russia's female cosmonaut inspires new Barbie

This Barbie doll is inspired by Russia's only active female cosmonaut

KIKINA GREETING GIRLS, SAYING (Russian): "Do you want togo to space?", GIRLS ANSWERING (Russian): "Yes, very much." / KIKINASAYING (Russian): "Great! Welcome, I'll tell you about it." / KIKINA AND GIRLS WALKING AWAY

Anna Kikina is one of four Russian women to fly into space

She is due to go on her first mission in 2022

to the International Space Station

The new doll is part of a campaign by Mattel

called "You can be whoever you want"


"If you really want to fly in spaceships, you should set this as a goal and go for it, even when it gets hard."

"The main thing to do on the way towards this goal is to really dream about space. And your Barbie will inspire you. Girls, dream bigger!"