Russians Say They Worry Ukrainian Relatives Are Receiving Bad Info About War

Journalists with Current Time spoke with Russians in several cities in the first half of April to ask them if they had friends or relatives in Ukraine, and what they thought of the country’s invasion.

One man, speaking to Current Time in Yekaterinburg, Russia, said he had “many relatives” in Ukraine, some of whom had fled the country. “They read the wrong [social media],” said the man, according to a translation provided by the outlet. “They are saying that we invaded them, that we bomb their cities and kill civilians. They have different sources of information.”

A woman interviewed in Smolensk said that a friend from Ukraine had left for Poland. “We are still in contact,” she said. “I mostly receive information from independent media. I think the reasons for Russia’s ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine are not real. Even if there are nationalists in Ukraine, as our media and government say. But Ukraine is a free and independent country, and they should deal with these issues on their own.” Credit: Current Time/RFE/RL via Storyful

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