Russians seek safe launch sites after strike on Belbek airbase

Belbek airfield after the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Belbek airfield after the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Russians are trying to find safe launch sites after losing at least three planes in a missile attack on the Belbek airbase in occupied Crimea, Southern Defense Forces spokesperson Natalia Humeniuk said on national television on Feb. 4.

"They are not approaching the areas where they learned an unfortunate lesson, but we continue to work on reducing the number of enemy aircraft, and this is confirmed by the effective work at the Belbek airbase, where there are again three fewer [aircraft]".

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Despite these setbacks, the enemy still maintains air superiority. But the Ukrainian Armed Forces are trying to "equalize the situation as much as possible".

"In particular, [the Russians] are afraid to use aviation in the same places that they allowed themselves before, which will be critical for them," she said, noting that the Russians "complain about the powerful work of the (Ukrainian) armed forces" in successfully destroying their drones.

The enemy is "increasing the use of FPV drones, but it has no result, because we find ways to counteract".

Strike on Crimea on Jan. 31: What is known

An air raid alert was declared in temporarily occupied Crimea on Jan. 31 as explosions were heard. The occupiers claimed the explosions were from air defense systems.

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Russia’s Defense Ministry claimed, without evidence, to have destroyed 17 Ukrainian missiles over the Black Sea, and three more over occupied Crimea. Missile fragments allegedly fell on the territory of a military unit near Lyubymivka in Crimea.

Russian public media reported that ten Russians were killed in the airfield attack, including Lieutenant General Alexander Tatarenko. However, the Ukrainian Armed Forces did not confirm this information.

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Crimea’s Belbek Airfield was hit in the evening, with Air Force Commander Mykola Oleshchuk sharing a video of smoke and a powerful explosion. He expressed gratitude to those involved in “clearing Crimea from Russian presence.”

Simultaneously, the Crimean Wind monitoring channel verified that the Ukrainian Armed Forces targeted the Belbek airfield and disclosed the impact point on the Russian airfield.

Belbek military airfield’s communication post in temporarily occupied Sevastopol was attacked, Russian Telegram channel ASTRA reported on Feb. 1.

Russian military facilities in the temporarily occupied Crimea were hit by five missiles that day, Humeniuk said.

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