Russians flee from border regions of Belgorod and Kursk oblasts — video

Queues at gas stations in the Belgorod region
Queues at gas stations in the Belgorod region

Russian civilians living close to the Ukrainian border in Russia’s Kursk and Belgorod oblasts are scrambling to leave for safer areas deeper in the Russian heartland, as seen in video footage posted online on March 14.

The video was published by pro-Ukrainian Russian volunteer units Freedom of Russia Legion (FRL), Russian Volunteer Corps (RVC), and the Siberian Battalion, who are currently conducting a raid into the Russian regions.

Recorded by a local resident, the footage shown by RVC captures long lines at gas stations and massive traffic jams on roads leading towards Belgorod.

Meanwhile, the Siberian Battalion reports that panic is spreading among residents of the town of Gayvoron, with some also starting to leave the settlement.

“Evidence of this is the unusual surge of cars from Grayvoron towards Belgorod,” the message said.

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Previously, FRL urged residents to evacuate from the border areas of Kursk and Belgorod oblasts due to the "limited military operation" conducted by FRL and RVC.

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Ukrainian Defense Intelligence spokesman Andriy Yusov told NV that Russian authorities are hindering the evacuation of civilians from Belgorod and Kursk oblasts.

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"The local authorities not only do not facilitate the evacuation but actively block transportation and transportation arteries, including railway stations," Yusov said.

On March 12, FRL, RVC, and the Siberian Battalion announced another raid into Russian territory, describing it as an operation to "liberate the Russian Federation from dictatorship." The incursion was accompanied by several waves of Ukrainian drone attacks on Russia’s industrial infrastructure.

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