Russians compensate for heavy losses with reserves and continue intense shelling, trying to surround Avdiivka

Russian troops destroy Avdiivka in an attempt to surround the city
Russian troops destroy Avdiivka in an attempt to surround the city

Russian invasion forces are continuing to shell residential buildings and the Avdiivka coke and chemical plant, and are trying to move their infantry reserves closer to the front line, the Tavria Defense Forces spokesman, Colonel Oleksandr Shtupun said on national television on Nov. 10.

"Russian terrorists continue to carry out airstrikes, shelling Avdiivka's residential buildings and the coke and chemical plant,” Shtupun said.

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“At 12.00 noon another multiple rocket launcher strike took place. Last night, two civilians, a man and a woman, were killed in an airstrike on a residential building in Avdiivka. Their bodies are now under the rubble."

Shtupun added that the Ukrainian army remains in control of the Avdiivka coke and chemical plant.

Russian troops are also trying to make up for heavy losses in this front sector, as they continue attempts to surround Avdiivka.

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"Under the cover of night and fog, the occupiers are trying to move infantry groups to the front line to ‘fill the gaps’ and compensate for losses," Shtupun said.

Russia’s offensive on Avdiivka — What is known

Russian invasion forces intensified their offensive on Avdiivka on Oct. 10, launching massive attacks on the Donbas town.

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The head of Avdiiivka’s military administration, Vitaliy Barabash, said that Oct. 10 saw “probably the largest attack on the city in the entire full-scale war,” but the situation was under control.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces said that the Russian military wants to surround Avdiivka, and is throwing a large amount of equipment and personnel into battle.

Barabash, said on Oct. 20 that Russian troops had launched a new wave of assaults. The situation remains difficult, he said at that time.

Since the beginning of the Russian offensive on Avdiivka, the losses of the Russian invasion forces in Donetsk Oblast amounted to 6,500 soldiers, the Tavria Defense Forces spokesperson, Colonel Oleksandr Shtupun, said earlier.

Russian invasion forces have eased their attacks on Avdiivka to replace their losses and regroup, Shtupun said on Nov. 2.

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