Russians cheer on 'car jitsu' competition

Anyone for 'car jitsu?’

In-car wrestling is gaining popularity among Russians

It’s inspired by the popular Brazilian martial art of jiu-jitsu

Everything inside the car can be used to gain an advantage

including safety belts, steering wheel and mirrors

(SOUNDBITE) (Russian) WRESTLING TRAINER AND BLOGGER, BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU BLACK BELT, LEONID GATOVSKIY, SAYING: "The person on top has the advantage. There are dips there, between the seats, under the steering wheel and so on. The person on top pushes and pushes. Also, there is little oxygen in the car, so when you push someone with your knees and wait, the person at the bottom has a hard time and it's difficult to escape."

A match lasts for two rounds

Each athlete starts in either the driver's or the passenger's seat

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