A Russian warship's last-resort machine-gun fire wasn't enough to defeat the Ukrainian sea drone assault that sunk it, video shows

  • A newly surfaced video shows armed Russian crews attempting to defend a landing ship from Ukrainian sea drones.

  • In the video, crews fire machine guns at the drones. Another video shows the drones attacking the ship.

  • Russia has been upping its defenses against naval drones, but it's unclear how effective they are.

A newly surfaced video shows a Russian warship crew making their last stand against Ukraine's exploding sea drones.

The footage captures the Russian crew shooting at the approaching drones with machine guns but ultimately failing to stop them. While Russia has tried to fend off attacks, Ukraine is continuing to terrorize, overwhelm, and sink Russian ships.

The video of the Ukrainian naval drone attack on the Black Sea Fleet's Project 775 Ropucha-class landing ship Caesar Kunikov last month was shared online Wednesday, originally on a Russian milblogger's Telegram channel before being circulated on other social media platforms.

Crew members can be seen rushing around the decks of the ship and firing machine guns at the drones, unleashing a hail of bullets in a desperate attempt to stop them.

It's unclear whether they were able to repel any of the USVs. The video doesn't appear to show that and instead shows a large explosion about a minute and a half into the footage.

Ukraine had previously released footage of the February 14 incident, sharing a video of their drones approaching the ship before targeting and destroying it. By the end of that video, the Kunikov is clearly sinking.

At the time of the incident, Ukraine declared the attack victorious.

Business Insider was unable to independently verify the details of the videos.

It's not uncommon for Ukraine to release videos of successful attacks, but it's much rarer occurrence to see the Russian side of the battle. The view from the Russian warship during the February 14 incident highlights how Russia is stepping up its efforts to defend against a threat that has destroyed many of its warships in the Black Sea.

Ukraine's success with USVs has become a legend. With no naval warships, Ukraine has had to improvise, prioritizing the development of what it calls "the world's first fleet of naval drones." The USVs, some of which are called Sea Babies, have been developed and purchased in part due to large crowdfunding campaigns.

When Ukraine began deploying these USVs, chaos ensued for Russian naval forces in the Black Sea. The Ukrainian drones targeted and destroyed Black Sea Fleet warships, a section of the Kerch Bridge connecting occupied Crimea with Russia, attacked bases, and went after other key infrastructure in and around the Black Sea.

Russia has been attempting to defend its ships from the naval drones by employing machine guns on the decks and beefing up combat aircraft patrols over the Black Sea, but Ukraine has upped the capabilities of some of its drones.

A Ukrainian general with the Security Services of Ukraine recently told Business Insider's Jake Epstein that new models are "stronger, more efficient, and deadlier."

One such USV was shown off in new photos shared by the SBU on Wednesday. In a Telegram post that was later shared on X, the videos and photos show the drone gliding through the water.

The first of the new Sea Babies, called Avdiivka after a town that recently fell to the Russians, boasts a variety of new features to help it maintain connection with its operator and avoid succumbing to electronic jamming.

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