Russian offensive intensifies on Tavria front, 50 daily clashes reported

Ukrainian tank
Ukrainian tank

Russian forces have significantly escalated their offensive and storming activities on the Tavria front, conducting 50 combat clashes daily for the second consecutive day, Tavria operational group commander, Brig. Gen. Oleksandr Tarnavskyi, reported on Jan. 27.

In a 24-hour period, enemy losses amounted to 385 personnel and 21 units of military equipment, including six tanks, nine armored combat vehicles, three vehicles, and three units of special equipment. Ukrainian fighters successfully neutralized or destroyed 230 drones of various types.

A dozen occupiers surrendered into captivity in the past week, Tarnavskyi noted.

Additionally, Russian forces executed 100 air strikes, primarily using guided aerial bombs, with the majority targeting Donetsk Oblast.

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On Jan. 26, occupiers launched two missile strikes with S-300 missiles on Myrnohrad and Novohrodivka, and executed a total of 714 artillery shelling.

According to the General Staff, the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated 770 Russian occupiers in the past day. Overall, since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the losses of the Russian army have exceeded 381 thousand military personnel.

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