A Russian Nobel winner is selling his medal for Ukraine

STORY: This Russian journalist is selling

his Nobel Peace medal for Ukraine

He wants to bring attention

to the conflict’s refugees


"My country invaded the territory of another state, Ukraine. There are now 15.5 million refugees, and how one must deal with this is completely incomprehensible. We thought for a long time about what we could do, what each individual could do, and we thought that everyone should give away that which is dear to them, important to them."

Muratov's medal is being auctioned off

on June 20: World Refugee Day

He’s heard it could fetch

$2 million or more

His Novaya Gazeta newspaper

is critical of the Kremlin

It halted some work in March

when it became a crime to veer

from Russia’s lines about the campaign

"I am absolutely sure that the absence of real freedom of speech, of real exchange of opinions, of real freedom of expression means that people have no choice. They just have to believe what the state propagandists tell them. Of course, a free and independent media is an antidote to war."

Moscow said it’s defusing

a military threat

and protecting

Russian-speakers in Ukraine

Ukraine and Western countries say

those claims are a baseless

pretext to attack