Russian news says Ukraine attacked Russian-held town

STORY: "There are already seven dead for sure and about 60 wounded," TASS quoted Vladimir Leontyev, head of the Russia-installed Kakhovka District military-civilian administration in the Kherson region.

"There are still many people under the rubble - the injured are being taken to the hospital, but many people are blocked in their apartments and houses," Leontyev added.

According to TASS, in addition to damaged buildings, the attack also led to explosions at fertilizer warehouses in the region.

The site contained various goods, including grain, fertilizers, food stuffs and saltpetre, RIA Novosti quotes Leontyev as saying.

Ukrainian officials said an ammunition depot had been destroyed by their forces in Nova Kakhovka. Serhiy Bratchuk, Odesa administration spokesperson, wrote on his Telegram channel that Nova Kakhovka was now "minus" its ammunition warehouse.

Putin sent Russian troops to Ukraine on February 24 claiming it was a "special military operation" to demilitarize its neighbor and rid it of dangerous nationalists. Kyiv and the West say it was an imperialist land grab by Putin.

Ukraine says Russian forces have targeted civilians since the start of what Moscow's invasion leaving cities, towns and villages in ruins, but Moscow rejects the charge and in turn says Ukrainians are responsible for civilians' deaths.

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