Russian media show 'U.S. citizens' seized in Ukraine

STORY: The Russian TV channel 'Rossia 1' showed a video clip of what it said was a brief interview with Andy Huynh, 27, of Hartselle, Alabama and a man it identified as Alexander Drueke, 39, of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Family members said on Wednesday (June 15) the two men had been missing in Ukraine for a week and said they feared they had been taken prisoner.

In a separate six-second video posted on the Telegram messaging app, a bearded man with an American accent speaks into a camera and says "My name is Alexander Drueke, I am against war". He repeated "I am against war" in Russian.

In another two-second video, the man that Russian media identified as Huynh said "I am against war" in Russian.

The Russian defense ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the reports.

Reuters was unable to verify if the men were speaking freely or independently verify their accounts.

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