Russian mechanic turns Soviet car into fire-spitting destroyer

This old Soviet car can spit fire

LOCATION: Krasnodar, Russia

Mechanic Vagan Mikaelyan is in the business of repairing car

and turning them into unusual vehicles

He installed flame throwers onto this classic Lada

(SOUNDBITE) (Russian) CAR MECHANIC, VAGAN MIKAELYAN, SAYING:"You know, I've constructed a lot of interesting stuff. And this time we decided to make something with fire. We gave a Lada Priora giant spider legs and also put a chariot-Priora on giant wheels, the biggest in the world I guess. We had a chisel car, a bird-mobile which we tried to fly and it flipped over. There’s been the most powerful buggy in Russia which jumps over other cars. But there was nothing with flames. And here it comes!"

The car and extra parts cost 22,500 roubles ($300)

and took three days to assemble

REPORTER ASKING: "Where can the flame throwing car be used?"

MIKAELYAN: "Well, you can grill some meat at a picnic."

Mikaelyan's creation found a more suitable use in the end...

burning down the losing vehicle at a local car battle

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