Russian jets, Syrian army target northwestern Syria

Russian jets and Syrian army forces targeted opposition-held areas of northwestern Syria on Sunday.

A woman and a child were among seven civilians killed when mortar rounds hit a hospital in the city of Atareb.

Videos obtained by Reuters from two witnesses show a ward damaged and civil defense rescuers carrying blood-stained patients outside.

Reuters could not verify their authenticity.

The Turkish Defence Ministry said Syrian army forces were behind that attack.

Separately, Russian jets targeted a gas facility, cement factory, and several towns and cities near Syria's border with Turkey.

Sources say one air strike came close to hitting the densely populated refugee camps in the area.

One White Helmet volunteer described the attacks:

"Four air raids were carried out by a Russian warplane and targeted the Bab al Hawa area that is located at the Syrian-Turkish border. The strike resulted in several injuries and there is no confirmed information related to the number of martyrs. There are huge fires and our teams are working to extinguish them."

The gas facility targeted was near Samada city in Idlib province.

It's the latest attack on fuel facilities that are an economic lifeline for a region home to more than four million people.

Western intelligence sources say Russia was behind a ballistic missile strike earlier this month that set dozens of local oil refineries ablaze.

Syria and Russia say they only target militant groups and deny any indiscriminate shelling of civilian areas, or deliberate attacks on hospitals and infrastructure.

Last March, Turkey and Russia, which back opposing sides in Syria's war, agreed on a ceasefire to halt an escalation of violence in Idlib.