Russian FSB operatives may have come under attack in Skadovsk, Ukrainian intel says

Photos of destruction in Skadovsk published online
Photos of destruction in Skadovsk published online

As a result of the Ukrainian Defense Forces' strike on a Russian military site in occupied Skadovsk, Kherson Oblast, on Nov. 9, an FSB (Russian security service) officer may have been among those killed, Ukrainian Defense Intelligence (HUR) spokesman Andriy Yusov told RFE/RL on Nov. 10.

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The exact information about the hit is being clarified, he added.

"There are hits, there are dead," said Yusov.

“As for the exact data, in such cases it is not always possible to find out quickly. But there are fatalities among the occupiers' officers.”

Operatives of the Russian FSB security service were supposed to be in the building at the time of the blast. However, he did not specify whether anyone from the FSB was injured.

Yusov also refrained from commenting on who was behind the attack on Skadovsk.

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"For now, we will refrain from commenting, we will neither confirm nor deny the information," the official said.

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On Nov. 9, information appeared online that a Russian base was hit in occupied Skadovsk. The advisor to the mayor of Mariupol, Petro Andriushchenko, wrote that the building of the former Soviet Ukraine collective farm was hit. According to him, at least 15 Russian troops were wounded and five more were killed.

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Subsequently, Radio Liberty journalist Mark Krutov, citing sources, confirmed the information about the deaths of Russian high-ranking officers in Skadovsk.

Moscow-appointed “governor” of Kherson Oblast, collaborator Volodymyr Saldo, said that Skadovsk was attacked around 10 a.m. According to him, one missile was allegedly shot down by air defense, and the other "hit a detached housing neighborhood." Seven people were reportedly hospitalized.

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