Russian forces seize homes in occupied territories of Ukraine under ‘restoration’ pretense — NRC

Russian occupiers
Russian occupiers

The Russian occupation forces are seizing homes in Ukrainian Russia-occupied territories under the guise of a “restoration program,” the National Resistance Center (NRC) reported on Jan. 20.

Russians forcefully enter unoccupied homes, using tools to break in and steal valuable items. Residents witness thefts of household goods, electronics, tools, outerwear, and even canned food.

In some cases, incomplete installations like metal-plastic windows are left, but often, premises lack front doors, leading to the loss of all property, the NRC reports.

Mayor Ivan Fedorov of Russia-occupied Melitopol notes home confiscations in Zaporizhzhya Oblast, emphasizing the invaders’ disregard for residents.

Apartments of those who left the occupied territories are reportedly the first targets for“nationalization”.

Fedorov emphasized that Russians, in need of a house or apartment, show no concern for whether anyone resides there.

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