Russian beauty queen ex-wife of former Agong sold engagement ring to pay baby’s hospital bills: report

Gossipmongers and people who would like to forget that it’s only Wednesday, have we got news for you!

Well, we are calling it news, but it is more aptly described as another installment of the she said/sources say/she posted/she said again saga of the former Agong, Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan, and his one-time Russian bride, Oksana Voevodina.

You remember – he took “sick leave” from his duties as Agong, turned up a couple months later at a Moscow wedding as the featured groom, saucy photos of his new bride were leaked, Oksana got pregnant, Sultan Muhammad V abdicated, Oksana gave birth, Sultan Muhammad V divorced Oksana by talak (uttering “divorce” three times) allegedly without her knowledge?

For the record, the timeline of these events ran from October 2018 to early June of this year. It was a dramatic few months for the pair.

Well, then things got interesting.

Yesterday, the former Russian beauty queen gave an interview to the proverbial piece of discarded gum on a Fleet Street shoe, The Daily Mail, alleging that since going AWOL before she had even given birth to their baby, Leon Ismail, the Sultan has not provided for his son’s expensive arrival into the world.

As a result, she was forced to pawn her engagement ring to settle debts that she had racked up giving birth to their child in Switzerland. According to Ms. Voevodina, she almost lost her baby, something that she echoed in a pregnant glamour-shot she uploaded to Instagram along with a post describing drips (“droppers?”) in each arm in June.

It was not immediately clear why Oksana chose to have the baby in Switzerland: Malaysia has a heavily subsidized, modern public health program, along with several private hospital options, and in her native Russia, citizens have access to free health care.

A Swiss-born baby she had, and she woefully told the DM that she was forced to sell her ring for three times less than the cost it was purchased at.

“He [the Sultan] abandoned her (at four months pregnant), and she had to pay medical costs so she did not lose the baby,” a friend told the paper.

Calling out her former husband as an alleged dead-beat dad is the latest move from Oksana’s camp, after she was accused by Malaysian royal sources of being a “gold-digger.”

Palace whispers claim she is seeking a US$9.8 million (RM41 million) home in London, a US$1.5 million (RM6.1 million) Moscow apartment, along with a US$30,000 (RM123,000) monthly allowance to cover the costs of their son.

“Who does she think I am… Bill Gates?,” the Sultan is alleged to have fumed.

No sir. Respectfully, if you were Bill Gates, we’d have to assume that you invented something so major, it’s impacted almost every human in the developed and developing world, and then also poured billions into charity projects. She probably doesn’t think you’re Bill Gates — just someone lucky enough to have been born into the world’s most well-know institutionalized form of nepotism, the hereditary monarchy.

Sultan Muhammad V has previously claimed that he is the poorest sultan of the Malaysian confederation, a pauper among the princes as it were.

However, this is something that sources who have spoken to Russian paper Komsomolskaya Pravda deny, saying that he has splashed out on yachts, Ibiza parties, owns property around the world, has a fleet of 90 luxury cars, and spends up to US$61 million (RM256 million) per year.

Komsomolskaya Pravda clarified that Oksana and her son live in a rented apartment, and that the Sultan has not purchased any abode for his former wife and son.

Ms. Voevodina gave an on-camera interview to the DM while visiting their offices, explaining that she had been raising their son alone, with help from her family. She pleaded that while their union was short-lived, the Sultan should have a relationship with his son.

Although the Sultan’s Singapore-based lawyer once claimed that divorce proceedings were initialized due to questions over the baby’s paternity, sources close to the former King now say that it was her insatiable courting of media attention that drove the couple apart.

Oksana has denied these claims, and has also refused to submit her baby’s blood for a DNA test.

When asked about her future plans, she told the rag that while she was looking to put her degree in “International Marketing” to use, she was also preparing to launch her own YouTube channel, where she would tell the good people of the internet how she was raising her son.

Oksana continues to post to her Instagram account, offering images of she and the Sultan in happier times, pregnancy photos, and even a message of condolence to her son’s grandfather, Sultan Ismail Petra, who passed away late last month, in her feed. It’s a concerted PR move, with most of her posts being written in impeccable Malay neither we, nor most of our friends, nor the mighty Google translate could ever muster.

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