Russian ballistic missile strikes on Ukraine from occupied Crimea increasing – Armed Forces speaker

Russian ballistic missile complex Iskander
Russian ballistic missile complex Iskander

Russians are increasingly using ballistic missiles to fire at Ukraine from temporarily occupied Crimea, said Dmytro Pletenchuk, head of Joint Coordination Press Center of Southern Defense Forces of Ukraine, on a national TV on May 4.

Russians most often use Iskander-M missile system.

“These are different platforms(used to conduct strikes on Ukraine), and of course, this is Iskander-M platform," Pletenchuk said.

"It's mobile, it's portable, it takes up to two minutes to deploy, and even less time to retract. Therefore, they are mostly using ballistic missiles now."

He added that now missile danger comes from occupied peninsula the most.

Russian recent usage of ballistic missiles to strike Odesa

Russia fired ballistic missiles at Odesa again for third day in a row on May 1. They hit a marshaling yard and a Nova Poshta office, large-scale fire broke out. All 18 employees of company managed to escape.

State Emergency Service on May 2 reported that 14 people were injured as a result of the strike: one man was hospitalized. All others were treated on the spot.

Russia attacks Odesa region with ballistic missiles almost daily. On April 29, a Russian strike on Odesa killed six people and injured more than 30, including two children and a pregnant woman. The “Harry Potter castle” - palace of students of Odesa Law Academy, which was called residence of former regional leader and rector of National University of Odesa Law Academy, Serhiy Kivalov - caught fire. Kivalov himself was also injured.

Russia also attacked Odesa with ballistic missiles on May 1. Three people were killed and three others were injured.

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