Russian army recruiters seek more volunteers

STORY: A special unit stationed one such truck in a central park in the southern Russian city of Rostov on Saturday and removed the sides to reveal a mobile office.

Neither Russia nor Ukraine disclose their military losses, which Western intelligence agencies estimate at tens of thousands on both sides.

Moscow has not updated the official death toll since March 25, when it said 1,351 Russian soldiers had been killed and 3,825 wounded. The Kremlin said last week there was no discussion of a nationwide mobilization to bolster its forces.

But the recruitment drive shows Moscow needs more men. The officer in charge of the Rostov truck said Russians and foreigners aged from 18 to 60 with at least a high school education would be eligible.

"Patriotically-minded citizens are choosing to sign contracts for three or six months to take part in the special military operation," major Sergei Ardashev said, promising training for everyone.

The minimum monthly wage on offer is 160,000 roubles ($2,700), which is almost three times the national average.