Russia used western machine tools worth $355 million in 2023, Kyiv says

Andriy Yermak
Andriy Yermak

Russia continues to use sophisticated Western-made computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools to manufacture weapons and munitions, head of the President’s Office, Andriy Yermak, said in a Telegram post on April 18.

This kind of machinery, valued at $355 million, was identified in Russian industrial facilities in 2023 alone, according to Yermak.

“Western CNC machine tools are being used by Russia in manufacturing,” said Yermak.

“This includes software for their operation. Essentially, this is about [making] the weapons that are killing us.”

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According to him, this involves Western companies whose components have been found in Russian manufacturing, with $231.6 million accounting for the machines themselves and $123.3 million for individual components.

"Without these machines, Russia could not manufacture weapons or wage war," Yermak added.

On April 12, Yermak said that Russian missiles raining down on Ukraine contain components from Europe and Asia.

In January, independent Russian media reported that despite sanctions, Taiwan was supplying Russia with machine tools for its military-industrial complex.

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