Russia syncs aerial reconnaissance and missile forces — military expert

Patriot systems during exercises in Poland, February 7, 2023
Patriot systems during exercises in Poland, February 7, 2023

A well-coordinated effort between Russian aerial reconnaissance and missile forces led to the destruction of two of Ukraine's Patriot launcher units, Serhiy Beskrestnov, a military expert in the field of communications, electronic reconnaissance, and electronic warfare, with the call sign "Flash," told NV Radio on April 25.

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"They (operators of Russian reconnaissance drones) have the ability to see all of our targets," Beskrestnov said.

"For example, our military fuel trucks, virtually undetectable, inevitably lead to a fuel depot. Any military vehicle, if truly military, will lead to a military unit, everyone understands that."

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"This is how the Russians attacked our Patriot, which they tracked. They'd been tracking it for a very long time, persistently, util, finally, tracked it down. As soon as the target is stationary, it is instantly attacked by an Iskander (ballistic missile system) if deemed important."

Russia has streamlined its process of interaction between aerial reconnaissance and missile forces, allowing for precise targeting of objectives dozens of kilometers from the front lines, he said.

"We've all seen videos of our helicopters, which landed for refueling, being destroyed roughly 30-40 kilometers from the front lines," Beskrestnov said.

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"Three helicopters didn't even have time to touch down before they were attacked by Iskander missiles."

Patriot launcher units' destruction

The Russians reportedly have managed to find and target part of a Ukrainian Patriot battery for the first time in Russia’s two-year full-scale war on Ukraine, Forbes reported on March 9. A Russian drone operator located a Ukrainian convoy outside of Pokrovsk in eastern Ukraine, after which an Iskander hit the convoy.

Ukrainian journalist Yuriy Butusov said on March 14 that nine Ukrainian soldiers were killed in the attack.

Ukraine’s Air Force Commander Mykola Oleshchuk said the Patriot systems continue to carry out combat missions in the frontline areas.

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